This project is on definate hiatus if not on its death bed. I'll be working on implementing parallel builds in the FreeBSD ports collection for GSoC 2008.

PortRat is a port management tool built almost exclusively to allow its user to install more than one port at once with parallel make jobs. It's written in C and has no outstanding dependencies, and is designed to take advantage of tools that the FreeBSD base installation provides.

Currently, you can grab PortRat from its svn repository here on Sourceforge.

As of right now, PortRat has the following features: In the future, I hope to implement the following features:

As an example, this is how you would use PortRat to build io, vim, and irssi on using a common dependency tree:

portrat -micBT -DWITHOUT_X11 lang/io editors/vim irc/irssi

micBT tells PortRat to make, install, and clean, as well as remove the build only dependencies and dump the dependency tree once it is built. The -DWITHOUT_X11 should look familiar, as it is a common way to pass arguments to make when building ports normally.

If you happen to come across a bugs, please point it out to me, so that I can prioritize. If you have a feature request, feel free to do the same. For now, you can reach me through Sourceforge.